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Knock knock


In business, as in life, opportunity comes typically heavily disguised as complex problems with insurmountable barriers.

We so often walk past actions, processes and opportunities that can make a real difference to our business because we believe it’s too far away for us to reach.

In so many business cases, it’s a matter of immediate cash that would allow us to take an opportunity to gain a position in the market, to buy materials and skills for a new market and grow our business onto a new platform.

Often the solution is money.

We remember the last time we tried to get funding from a bank or financial institution, and we skipped the opportunity simply because we didn’t want to deal with the grief of a long-winded process.

At the same time, we watched the opportunity sale away, and somebody else captured it.

Your Business Angels has experience in moving fast o help clients to grab those opportunities when time is of the essence, and work hard to make light work of the funding be it taken from the debtors ledger or a long term plan for finance.

We help you model the cashflow with the new loan against the gains your business will make.

Tell us your story, tell us your needs, and we can work quickly with you to take every opportunity that comes your way that needs a financial and accounting solution.

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