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Why choose Your Business Angels consulting

What is the biggest driver of our consultancy?

That your business becomes as profitable as it can be (on a cash basis). Profit pays debt, profit drives the business forward and profit gives you the reward for all your hard work.

Because Your Business Angels have spent over 25 years solving problems, have developed a culture of finding solutions and opportunities in every difficulty.

Be it the problem is an appropriate wake-up call, or a marketing opportunity or a growth opportunity. Your Business Angels have developed great solutions that can, in any circumstances, be called “crafty.” The Team at Your Business Angels have learnt to travel and traverse the difficult roads and byways in accounting and business life in Australia for their clients. The team loves to hear problems that clients must find a solution for. We have a bag full of answers, and we can always find one for you.

The road out

Face the COVID crisis knowing that you are going to get through. You will survive and have a strong business because you partnered with Your Business Angels.

These programs watch the back of the client, as well as find crafty solutions. Intelligent strategies in business often come with risk, and Your Business Angels can monitor that risk and help business owners succeed.
It is for those who want to run their business and not get bogged down learning software until the software takes over their lives, while they face the challenges of the future.
Your Business Angels can put business owners who seek growth and profit in a unique program.

Issues with debt – prepared insolvency solutions

25 years of solutions at Your Business Angels will have one for you

Your Business Angels have some crafty solutions. “Opportunities can come brilliantly disguised as insurmountable problems.” The good folk at Your Business Angels often hear from clients explaining a problem they have, and they realise that the client’s problem is an opportunity.

We are here for those who thought there could not be a plan

Towards Safe Harbour

james lewis

A Your Business Angels product

that works with you to solve those hard problems you have, tax debt, lack of cash flow, dealing with a difficult market, staying compliant and beginning to protect your assets such as your home by eliminating the risks in your business.


In the corporation Act 2001 – SECT 588GA that deals with Safe Harbour and is about directors taking a course of action reasonably likely to lead to a better outcome for the company. This piece of legislation leaves the burden of proof that this has been carried out on the director or directors.

The legislation was written to give directors “a chance” of turning a business around by making the right decisions and keep going, but of course the “Sword of Damascus” sits over the director to prove that the actions have been carried out it seems (and if I am not using too many metaphors or sayings) a hot potatoes for consultants and the insolvency industry.

Not for the folks at Your Business Angels.

james lewis

Creating Channel markers
Your Business channel markers

We have created “Towards Safe Harbour” not only as a product that helps directors make better decisions about their business in times of strife, but for all our clients running a business. This product creates channel markers by which to guide your business in all times.

Using Your Business Angels “Towards Safe Harbour” is a tool for all businesses, which help keep them compliant, balance sheet strong and in a financial position to take every opportunity possible in driving forward. It is a series of checks and processes. It is about being on top of the accounts and financial position of the business, and it is about stopping and planning the business

steps with the team at Your Business Angels. Remember why you went into business – to have a great income and perhaps a great business to sell when it comes time.

Our client’s responsibility

The person bears an evidential burden in relation to the matter, but Your Business Angels will use the legislation to provide guidance for our clients. We will work on the accounts, and look for additional profit. We will look for opportunity and great strategies. Whilst we do this important work, our clients can focus on running their business profitably by serving their clients and driving their team forward.

Profit boosting your business

“When I am ready to grow, Your Business Angels will get right behind me and help drive my business.”

Some clients might want to hang out on the edge, while others are happy to cruise along in their business.
No matter what lane business owners want to travel in, Your Business Angels will understand their needs and requirements and make sure they are safe.


Behind every struggling business is an opportunity to have a great business. It is just a matter of having a plan.

The Your Business Angels is a product that analyses any size business. The analysis helps business owners make changes that improve their financial position of their business. By creating tactics to be implemented to improve the businesses finance and solve fundamental problems.

“Our turnaround solutions are some of our signature dishes.”


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