Your Business Angels - Help me A bit of accounting and understanding required?

Help me A bit of accounting and understanding required?

The business feels just stuck in the mud!

Running a business for a while?

Not as it should be?

Markets changed or you feel that after the years you don’t seem to be getting ahead?

Perhaps you are not too sure if you are making money for yourself. You might be paying BAS and getting the annual tax paid, but apart from the basics, there seems to be nothing for yourself?

Your Business Angels PTY LTD has been coming across businesses like this for the last 23 years, it just feels like you are stuck in the mud.

You think you are working just for everyone else (and the government or anyone else won’t give you a break!)

So often people have great businesses but the way they are structured, the way they pay their tax, and the way they get information from their accountants, all contributes to stopping them having the opportunity to get ahead.

You may have a great business, but the fundamentals of reporting and financial management affect you. Your structure may have you paying too much tax at the end of the year.

Whatever the problems, give us a call and see if Your Business Angels PTY LTD can get you out of the mud.

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