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Why choose Your Business Angels accounting (Serviced by related company Fresh Number Pty Ltd)

From the practical to the crafty. The strengths and risks of any business exist within the accounts. The Team at Your Business Angels can see threats and correct them. They will see opportunities and strengths, and help the owner take advantage of them.

We are here for those who have a plan, and those that do not have a plan.

Our Job

Our job is to love and care for that client. We make sure clients get the best advice and service. We meet compliance deadlines and follow-up on “must do” jobs.

Our clients

Our clients work closely with accountants and consultants to help solve problems, answer questions, and give excellent solutions. The simple things matter. We get back to any query the same day.

We celebrate

We celebrate when clients have a “victory” in their business. Not all news is good news. We tell you when things are going wrong. At Your Business Angels, we will talk to you about a concern and provide a solution, Maybe take on the taxman and deal with difficulties when and if they arise. With COVID, you want to know where you stand, what the risks are and what is the new normal.

Business Owners

All business owners need their accountants to give them love and attention in a different way from the practical to the crafty. OH! In all of this, we must mention “Bas and Tax”. Join our growing list of clients who know that every day, and in every way, their needs are taken care of, their goals become our goals and their passions and beliefs ours.

Our clients

It takes all sorts to be in business – but that is why Australia will always have a healthy economy

Who are their accounting clients?

  • Those who really want to get ahead and want the right partner to build a very special business.
  • Some are entrepreneurial and drive themselves hard, want to take risks and want crafty solutions. These business owners need the team at Your Business Angels because they need hard-working consultants and accountants to find great solutions for them. Not everybody is out to create an empire; some want their business to provide what they need.
  • Those who have traditionally had grief with the taxman. There are business owners who struggle with compliance and naturally attract the attention of the taxman. Your Business Angels help these business owners stay compliant, with careful mentoring and continued work on the accounts once we have found a solution to any outstanding tax.
  • Others have great ambition, a vision of where they want to take their business. Your Business Angels appreciate and understand that all business owners are different.
  • There are many accidental business owners. People who have finished a trade, or specialists in IT, who find work by creating a business to provide their offerings into a consumer or commercial market.
  • More and more people need to have an ABN or a company to provide themselves with employment, and more and more people are coming into business without a plan.

The right program solution for you

The wrong accounting package will have you drowning in work. The right accounting package will have you succeeding in doing what you should be doing.


The secret is to get the right solution that helps you identify how your business is, without being bogged down with a system that demands so much. We can help you with a cloud system or use ours.

For small Business owners that don’t want to be tied down with hours of bookwork, Your Business Angels have built software that allows these business owners to have their compliance and accounts and lodgments completed with as little fuss as possible, while being well-informed of their business position, profitability and compliance.

An accounting system that you understand as part of the plan, guidance in support that helps business owners run their business, to make as much profit as possible.

Structures for tax planning

Nothing wrong in minimizing your tax to save your money for future investments. It is about getting the “bundle right”.

Those who want to get out on the edge, fly close to the wire and drive their business. When a business sees a brilliant opportunity or has a plan to grow dramatically, it usually means that the owner is going to take that business, as we would say, close to the edge.

Tax planning is for those who can keep an eye on their cash and follow a structure that allows them to stay compliant, have the income they desire, but also allow them to save money by planning what to do with future profit.

If you have financial discipline and a profitable business, (and are prepared to be constantly tactical in your desire to manage your tax), then Your Business Angels will have a crafty plan for you.

Financial habits that make you rich

You can drink to be rich, but you need rich people habits to be rich

What is the difference between a rich tradie and a poor tradie?
What is the difference between a rich manufacturer and a poor manufacturer?
The real differences are often just management of finances and handling money through a structure that creates wealth and a brilliant future. Hard work can create profit but knowing what to do with the profit and with the appropriate tax planning, creates a rich person.
Your Business Angels can help you with the habits that create wealth.

Now all you need to decide is whether you want to be wealthy?

Keeping the taxman in his cage

Staying off the taxman’s radar requires a few good habits. Let us start those habits.

The endless tax debt. It is not that big. I just can’t seem to manage it.

Here is one of the big problems with tax debt. Just when you think you might be ahead, there is another BAS and then another round of interest, and all you do is chase your tail, and have that sinking feeling.

Your Business Angels has a whole different approach to compliance, which ties in with your cash flow and your monitoring of profit to make sure the money is always there to not only pay the taxman, but to make sure there is a good return for your efforts.

Rebuilding the accounts – the big catchup

For all sorts of reasons people get disorientated in getting their accounts up to date. Let Your Business Angels solve that problem.


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