Your Business Angels - Channel Marker

Channel Marker

Channel markers indicate the port and starboard limits of a narrow channel that has been dredged in a river or the approaches to a harbour to allow safe passage of large vessels.

The waters outside the channel may be shallow or conceal rocks and other hazards to navigation. Navigating outside the marked channel could result in a vessel running aground and sustaining serious damage.

Entrances to harbours or breakwaters may utilise different distinguishing characteristics, for example, white flashing lights. Please seek advice from the local marine authority.

In the same way that Channel markers mark out the way a ship can navigate its way safely in a harbour, Your Business Angels channel markers in the Towards Safe Harbour program marks out the way for a business to navigate its way to full compliance and cash profit.

Our channel Markers program starts with an assessment, the current position of the business and looks at the risks, that face that business in the same way a ship that has drifted, floated or steered into waters outside the channel and assess what’s required to get back to the right lane – removing risk, creating and building a sustainable business that allows the business to be profitable and reward the business owner.

Channel Markers Assessment

Before a full program for the client can begin, that initially usually includes a Clean-Up program for the accounts and an ongoing accounting and support package, an assessment of the source documents so that we can understand the level of work that is required to have the accounts to a position that a plan for moving forward can be made. Within that assessment there are also actions that need to take place that will allow the business “top float” during this period, to allow time for the work to be completed.

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