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Economic Crisis

Can the government patch everything?

By superadmin - 28 May 2020

It is important to understand that the stimulus package, that included JobKeeper and cash boost, was about saving jobs. It was not about saving your business. The billions of dollars that was poured into the economy was about saving jobs. It was not about saving your business. Over the coming months and years, we will …

Is your company in need of debt reduction

By superadmin - 28 May 2020

What was your business like before Covid-19? Were you struggling anyway, with the various coloured letters coming from the Australian Taxation Office? Were you finding it hard to meet superannuation? Have loan repayments always been a problem? Let me ask you another question… If you were not carrying the debt that you are carrying now, …

Rents and Running a Business

By superadmin - 28 May 2020

So before we get excited about pubs and bars and cafés opening again, and having a conversation about 4 m² and social distancing, maybe we should have a cold shower to bring down the excitement and talk about how a business possibly covers its rent – as legislation allows landlords to charge full rent again …

Are you running a zombie company?

By superadmin - 28 May 2020

A zombie company has just enough money to continue operating and perhaps service debt but is unable to pay off debt. That means the business is just scraping by meeting overheads such as wages and rent and interest payments but has no excess capital or income to pay off old debt or invest in growth. …

Are we just kicking the can down the road?

By superadmin - 28 May 2020

I’m always talking about watching your money. New real time data shows that spending is returning to normal, at just 3% below pre-crisis levels (May 22nd report). While this evidence confirms mortgage deferrals and other hardship measures are supporting spending, it also suggests that we may be simply kicking the can down the road until …

Moving a market

By superadmin - 22 May 2020

And where Your Business Angels could be able to help you There is from what we are finding from a lot of trades in the marketplace – it just may not be where you have worked previously. You may need to move to a different market using your skills. You might need to travel a little …

Something we need to talk about in time of trouble

By superadmin - 13 May 2020

The Australian Government has temporarily changed bankruptcy law to help protect people who are facing unmanageable debt as a result of the economic impacts of COVID-19. If you’re a sole trader, or operating a business as a partnership, you could face personal bankruptcy if you can’t pay your debts. If you’re in financial difficulty you …
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We have been working with the "Your Business Angels" crew since April 2014 and it was the best decision we have ever made for our business


Would like to thank Jay and his team at Your Business Angels for their work and persistence in dealing with our problem and getting the greatest result we could ever hope for


Over the 18 months with YBA they have been professional, helpful and compassionate with getting my business on track. A very good accounting firm to be with


We would not exist as a business if it were not for the help that Your Business Angels gave us, extremely efficient and always offering the best advice. Thank you Gavin and the team at YBA


Gavin and the Your Business Angels team has given me hope, eliminated stress and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of us


Your Business Angels are the 'real deal'. Their services help those that have little faith left in their businesses or in themselves. If you think there is no answer to your problems then think again. YBA can help.


Tax debt solved and a new direction life is suddenly looking ok again


I heard the ad on the radio and met with Your Business Angels and found the pricing for what I required was cheaper than I had found with their competitors and had to provide less information - Thanks so much Robert....


I have been a client of Your business angels for just under 2 years - They show compassion and empathy and go out of their way to make sure I'm ok


Anderson, My accountant at Your Business Angels comes up with ideas and deals with me, keeps me on track and on time. There worth every dollar


They are always there for me when I need help and they take care of the larger things for me in business


I would like to thank them for everything they have done for me and my business. I highly recommend your business Angeles for any business


Your Business Angels help me enormously - Thanks so much Robert....


So thankful I found YBA. They live up to what they promise and just the relief of not having to speak directly to the ATO was awesome


Simone and her team at Your Business Angels has been there from day one and is always willing to come and spend time just to ask if I’m ok


Thank you to all the team at Your Business Angels for everything you have done in correcting the things I did badly, highlighting the things I did well and offering encouragement, guidance and support through the tough times.


At the time of making the call to them, our business was going backwards with large debts and not enough income to cover them! Since working with Gavin and his team at Your Business Angels we have made great changes to the way we run our business and are slowly but surely turning things around. I recommend anyone with serious business issues to give them a call!


After 2 hours, Gavin had provided clear direction, made recommendations and given me a starting point