Your Business Angels - Behind in accounts?

Behind in accounts?

Don’t wait until you get summons for non-lodgement – you don’t need a criminal conviction for not lodging your BAS and tax returns.

Non Lodgement

“When you add up the cost of penalties, interest and in some cases a criminal conviction, not paying your taxes just doesn’t pay.” It can come as a bit of a shock to realise that by not lodging your taxes you can end up with a criminal conviction.

I’ve lost track of where my accounts are up to

It’s quite common for the Australian Taxation Office to chase you for a couple of years specifically, but you know that there must be other years – and yes the other years will need to be done, because they will soon ask for those as well.

It’s important to get the accounts up to date and lodgements for BAS and tax returns completed, as it can result in a criminal conviction (which means you are now ticking some boxes you don’t want to when you travel).

For all sorts of reasons people get disorientated in getting their accounts up to date. Big family commitments, personal issues and often business pressures can cause businesses to get behind in accounts.

To you it looks like a mess. To us it looks like an opportunity to help another Australian business get their accounts done and lodged up to date.

This gives you a chance to see how the business is going. We help deal with the taxman, and a lot of pressure comes off.

As long as we can obtain all the banks statements for the period that needs to be completed (these can always be reprinted by the bank) and information on buying vehicles, other assets and payroll we can set to work and often get years of accounts cleaned up in a very short period.

If you are under pressure from the tax man to lodge, we will talk to him and negotiate on time.

Behind? Give us a call and make an inquiry and we can deal with the ATO and get on with the job.

I know when I last lodged, but I’ve fallen behind

Things happen.

Family, personal disasters and other things that allow the accounts to be the last thing you attend to.

You have kept the business going well, kept the clients happy, completed sales and finished contracts in a professional manner but you are just behind with BAS and tax returns.

If you are being chased to get the accounts done, and you have documents, then we can move fast to bring you up to date, and confirm that you have being making money for your efforts as well as getting a figure for BAS and tax returns and making some real money.

If you are under pressure from the tax man to lodge, we will talk to him and negotiate on time.

Behind? Give us a call and make an inquiry and we can deal with the ATO and get on with the job.

Questions you are now thinking about in getting your accounts up to date

1. How long will this take?

If we can get the documents that we require then many large projects are completed in a short period of time.

It is really down to you as the client working with us. We have been cleaning up accounts for clients who thought it was impossible for so long now.
We really have a skill in dealing with what most accountants won’t touch.

2. What about the pressure from the taxman?

We talk to the Australian Taxation Office for you and keep them updated as to when the accounts will be completed and lodged. If we run into any difficulty we let them know. Generally we have found the Australian Taxation Office quite patient and understanding, if they know the job is being done.

3. How do you charge? Can I afford this?

You will be pleased to know we complete our work on a flat fee so when we begin you know what you are up for. We take a deposit, and then you pay us off, so that we don’t damage the cash flow.

4. What if I have a tax debt I can’t manage?

Firstly we may be able to help you with cash flow through alliances to pay the debt and we work to find a solution and an arrangement with the taxman. If of course if you can’t pay the debt at all we do have solutions.

5. Am I going to be slammed with fees and charges?

Yes, this can happen, but we have so many cases when we have made a proper proposal to the ATO for payment that we have had a lot of fees and charges dropped. Working from the start with the ATO, and then being very careful in negotiations can get you some great outcomes.

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