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“I bet you are going to die.”

“No, I’m not; what odds are you giving me.”

This blog is an idea I got this morning because I just had a renewal notification from my insurance company about the bet I have taken with them where I prepay the odds on dying, on the chance that they will have to pay out if I’m wrong.

Every year they change the odds, which I feel is quite unfair. Still, it’s a bet I will continue to take up with them every year because no one in my family will be left in the lurch, so I ensure for their good life in the future as well as having money to help my business that I’ve built with all the employees survive.

Insurance is a bet.

I bet you won’t hurt yourself at work and have your income interrupted. I bet you won’t get a terminal illness and face it several years before your death. I bet you won’t be in a car accident; I bet your house won’t burn down.

I always consider Murphy’s Law when it comes to insurance.

If I’m travelling somewhere (well, we used to travel somewhere) and I hire a car, I always take full insurance, knowing that Murphy’s Law says I couldn’t possibly have an accident because of taken full insurance.

I have recently talked to a client whose husband, who is the driving force of the business, had had an accident that is put him off work for several months and was uninsured. If it weren’t for the Covid payments currently from the government, they would be in real strife.

So, take this time reading this blog to think about what insurances you have and what you should have. See it as Murphy’s Law; if you get insurance, then you won’t need it.

This is the only form of gambling I approve of.

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