Your Business Angels - How to get Your Business in order

How to get Your Business in order


Get the accounts completed.

Know what your tax debt and other commitments are.

Use this period when everyone including the Australian Taxation Office is flexible to plan a way out

Most businesses turn under $2 million so getting the accounts done is uncomplicated.

We need our prospect clients to put together the following items and we can quote a fix quote that is very competitive and paid off over time so our fee will not disrupt your cash flow.

Please put together the following > your last set of accounts > the bank statements of the business since the last set of accounts were completed > Access to your accounting file if you have used one which is usually now cloud-based accounting files. Many businesses who are falling behind in their accounts do not have an accounting package, that’s not a problem will be able to put one together for you.
> Information on any loans you have, vehicle and equipment or cash loans in your business From here will be able to complete your accounts in a very short period of time review them with you then talk about negotiating with the ATO as well as getting you the best possible deal from the government stimulus package

if you are a business where the accounts are up-to-date but you are not happy with the answers you are getting in terms of finding out what you could possibly apply for with the stimulus package, your confused oral need real help all we need then is copy of any accounts of the been completed and we can talk you through how we can help you.

Reasons to deal with your tax debt and other business problems now

1) During this period of economic crisis the Australian Taxation Office has a lot of flexibility in negotiating waving interest and fees as long as a reasonable payment plan can be put in place. 2) The period you can pay off a tax debt has been extended and as long as the agreement appears to them to be genuine and arrangement can be made and you can move forward. 3) There is a good chance we can have your tax debt put on hold. 4) There is an expectation, that businesses during this period will need to sometimes restructure so they can trade forward in the future. It appears that oddly during this crisis is a good time to plan such a restructure.

Now, also is a time for businesses to consider their options especially if they feel They Face a Disaster. Your Business Angels are specialists in helping businesses through the toughest of times, we are well experienced in helping businesses owners protect their assets and reconstruct their business forward especially through our Toward Safe Harbour platform.

If you feel your business is in crisis and need support contact Your Business Angels by emailing [email protected] or phoning us on 1300 982558 or contact us through our website at and have a confidential chat with us about your situation.

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