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Your Mortgage


In reviewing outgoings, the home mortgage is a starting point. Here are 2 actions we are taking for our clients when requested.

Your Mortgage

Two important thoughts

I asked a broker to help me with the approach to finance, we started on mortgages.

Get the rate down for a starter

He said first, generally your clients maybe will almost certainly be paying too much on their mortgage.


Well he told me the average Australian is paying 0.6% more than they could because quite simply they have “set and forget” it. Now Banks (like mobile phone providers and utility companies) have a different pricing strategy for new clients than they do for existing clients.

While we are looking at finance in the time of the virus may be getting a better rate from the bank or financier may be a better thing than chasing deferment (certainly in the long term)

I’m told don’t be mad, we all need strong banks and our Super loves them when they’re strong! Simply understand the rules of the game

It’s an odd time to say, but maybe it’s time for a review, and the first thing is to contact the bank or financier. If you want to try this then please discuss it with your client co-ordinator. We will see if we can get it in motion.

Better chance if you have an excellent record of paying your mortgage.

Deferring your mortgage

There are a number of ways to approach your bank for a deferment plan but the most effective way is to approach them with your financials to date and in a format they understand.

We have that.

If you need to ask for a deferment, we can help with a letter that goes with your Cruncher, (Not for those on Xero) a set of P&Ls, balance sheet and a copy of your ATO portal.

It’s always worth formalising the game plan as to why they should help. For example, have you only ever banker with them? Do you have financial planning products with them? Insurance?

Banks are more likely to help if they are making money from you in other areas as they see clear reasons as to the plan after the help requested has ended. Therefore, be clear on your strategy to create the change needed to get back on track.

There may be a tax debt and other issues, so we may miss that and try for a deferment without these, anyway, we are going to have a “crack at it”. We also should plan ahead even if you don’t think you need a deferment (but hey everyone needs a reduction in rate, especially if your financier will just after an approach give it to you).

Let’s talk about finance companies tomorrow.

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