Your Business Angels - You spend how much?

You spend how much?


At Your Business Angels / Fresh Number we have analysed hundreds of thousands of bank statements, so we are going to claim we are an authority on spending habits of tradies.

Do you want a house or a burger?

You spend how much?

We have added up the spend on takeaways from tap and go on our clients’ bank statements and we know that the average tradie spends a house deposit every five years on takeaway. OK it’s not the house you want in the inner suburbs of a major city, but it will be for a decent investment elsewhere.

We came up with $45k and believe that there is a lot more to life. Though we do have takeaway Fridays (paid for with cash – see the above article).

George (yes that is his real name), with our mentoring, started taking tuna sandwiches to work. We also succeeded in getting him to stop buying lotto tickets. With this, we were able to increase his take home income (after tax) by $35k.

Here’s an idea from The Angels at Your Business Angels / Fresh Numbers… the first day of takeaway – take a ham and cheese sandwich. Make a thermos of coffee from a decent machine at home and put $35 into your child’s scholarship fund – every week.

More than one child? Then do it more often. Try a curried egg sandwich. Grab some cold sausages from last night’s dinner. We love cold sausages. Put $35 extra into your superannuation (over 20 years will add another $100k when you retire).

OK Friday, or another day, have takeaway…but remember that this is a change that will be worth your while.

Want to change?

Come in and talk to your client co-ordinator about a change program.

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