Your Business Angels - You can’t keep cool things down

You can’t keep cool things down


“According to Doug Putman, the billionaire founder of Canada’s Sunrise Records, who bought HMV in 2019, downloading and streaming have failed to kill the record shop. HMV is posting profits this year with a growth in CD sales and even a resurgence of the cassette tape”.

So here is my confession.

“I hate all things digital”.

One of my companies is called “Prepunk Analogue Technology Pty Ltd” because I like the idea. The company was set up to trade old stereograms, a side hustle, but the pandemic and a change in life put that idea under water.

I love clients who can do things.

I love my tradie clients because they are clever and can fix stuff.

I love that my clients make furniture, toolboxes, truck body bracelets and cheese boards. We have fantastic clients working in art, and one of our most successful clients per capital outlay is a tattoo studio.

While our company has built software, uses other programs, and is plugged into so much technology, at Your Business Angels, we will never forget our terrific clients.

My dear clients – “what” you do is always worth more than what you charge, though you will either take our advice and plan to increase what you charge or let the market determine what you charge.

But never forget, the skill you have is cool.

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