Your Business Angels - Want to get your business on Social Media
– well not always.

Want to get your business on Social Media
– well not always.


Lots of café and restaurant owners go to a lot of trouble to work social media, get recognised for their skills and hard work, and then get caught out for under paying and social media blows up in their faces.

There are so many ways an employee can “lookup” what they should be earning these days that the business owner needs to be on the ball with rates and conditions. The old idea “that we always paid cash” and “the industry can’t operate like this anymore” should be long gone.

I know, the wages are a killer and a lot of cafes and restaurants are winding down but that’s just where the times are now. It’s an industry that’s going to flush out (and with this flush out unfortunately a lot of jobs will go because on this level it appears that many weekend rates that an owner needs to pay will make their business unprofitable).

In other industries you need to do the right thing, even for contractors. I spent time with a new client who is a contractor on union sites. While becoming a contractor looks at first glance great, and there are some real advantages, there isn’t always work. But my client is a member of the union and even as a contractor the business owner who contracts my client is paying super, insurance and Inco link, so he has been covered for when there is a shortage of work.

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Even if you think that things are getting too tough to employ people – and they are, we see it all the time, the short cut of paying below awards isn’t going to work. If you want a payroll system that does the research for you, give us a call at Your Business Angels and we can talk about the Precis Payroll system.

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