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Treading water


What is the most important thing to keep yourself from drowning?

Getting out of the water—but treading water is a close second!

Simply floating in water might look easy, but it’s actually pretty difficult if you don’t have a flotation device, and treading water is an essential safety skill for anyone who plans on spending time on or near the water. People who teach swimming will tell you the main ingredient is staying calm and practising essential skills that keep you floating there no matter what is happening around you.

If you can survive the initial riptide this virus has had in affecting businesses the next thing you need to do is to be able to simply float. There is legislation to stop landlords throwing you out of your premises, most finance companies are looking to put your loans on hold, many staff have been accepting of the rationality of their employers and the Australian Taxation Office has been exceptional when Your Business Angels has approached them to put tax debt and agreements aside often for considerable periods.

If you can stop panicking and get out of the rip now is the time to float. Keep working, keep banking money and paying your current bills and moving forward working in week type compartments.

Winston Churchill at the height of the bombing on London during the Second World War, when he didn’t have any answers for what was happening to his country he just said “keep bunkering on”which meant keep plodding on because slowly but surely you put the plans together in your business to move forward.

There is never time for panic, those who are going to keep their heads will keep their business.

Your Business Angels has been bringing businesses through difficult times for nearly 25 years and we are here with a program for businesses to gain the right approach, understanding, strategy and tactics for things that need to be done to date to survive, tomorrow to survive, this week to survive and in the immediate future to survive without throwing the towel in as it were.

Floating, treading water as it can be called is not easy it’s an important life-saving skill for those who spend a lot of time in water. Floating, managing day-to-day things and staying top and centre of what is happening in your business and market allows you to survive, plan and move forward.

You don’t have to do thrash around in the rip, you can get real support now by joining The Your Business Angels towards Safe Harbour Facebook group where all issues relating to the issues you face today, the rip you are in are discussed as well ways of stabilising your business being rescued and moving forward.

You will have your business is operating well again but in what market we yet don’t know. Your Business Angels intends to be a strong as ever for their clients. For nearly 25 years we have rescued and repaired businesses, we were made for helping thousands of businesses through this period.

That is why we made consultancy in a group environment so affordable, you will survive you will continue to have a great business we can help you.

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