Your Business Angels - Think BAS is expensive?

Think BAS is expensive?


Well, just think about what it can cost you, if you don’t pay your Super on time.

If you are in a company, it can cost you an extra $275 dollar per $1,000 of your Super. That’s 27.5% more! But if you are a sole trader, it will cost at least $320 per $1,000 of your Super. Which is 32% more!

Think BAS is expensive?

So if you forget or do not pay your Super, then the cost that still needs to be paid is not tax deductible. 

Let’s get paid, every time you bank your money. So pay your Super and also pay a percentage of your BAS, (if you don’t want to get stuck with a brickie gangs rate of interest charged to you by the ATO on tax).

Are you struggling with the compliance and worried about all the additional costs?

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