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Moving a market


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There is from what we are finding from a lot of trades in the marketplace – it just may not be where you have worked previously.

You may need to move to a different market using your skills.

You might need to travel a little further or to a different place.

Your rate might be down a little bit – while you prove yourself in your new market, but there is work out there.

We have reports on councils spending their budgets – anything from upgrading toilets in town halls to changing disabled car park signs.

There are constant announcements from state governments who are spending money to keep the economy going.

In Victoria, the government has announced a $2.7 billion spending spree to bring work to the community with development of infrastructure.

This includes $1.2 billion to build 10 more schools and upgrade 57 more as well as the beginning of social housing which we believe will be the cornerstone of Federal and State new infrastructure soon.

Maintaining the housing industry is important but the work in other areas that you can apply your trade can occur.

While the state government plans to generate work for 3700 direct jobs, we do not know who gets the head contracts and how you can plug into that now. But you need to be vigilant and watch the various tender websites.

Further pressure on both the state and federal governments maintain that the governments need to become more active in the housing market.

Master Builders Victoria wants a boost to the First Home Buyers Grant and the elimination of Stamp Duty for at least six months to increase housing demand.

The property Council of Australia has called for a new migration plan which is dubbed “Welcome to Australia” scheme. Housing has for many years been fuelled by migrants who come with enough money to buy their homes and by maintaining immigration the housing market can continually be fuelled.

On the flipside, it is worth noting that there has been an increase in the number of rental houses, as properties come from short-term offers such as Airbnb, and reduced demand from investors.

Housing demands had dropped before Covid-19, and commercial property demand was not expected to keep pace with stronger supply in the near term and therefore it was likely that vacancy rates would rise and office rents would fall.

Fletcher, a New Zealand builder operating in Australia, has already reduced its New Zealand staff by a thousand people and is talking about further redundancies in Australia of 500 people.

As we said, work is out there but do not expect it to be where you have been working in the past. Be prepared to shift your market and look for work elsewhere.

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