Your Business Angels - Message to client 4 – Exterminate – Exterminate

Message to client 4 – Exterminate – Exterminate


If you are a lover of Dr Who you will know about the Daleks.

The Daleks areviolent, merciless, and pitiless cyborg aliens, who demand total conformity to their will.

No, they are not the people who run the Australian Taxation Office or Victorian Workcover, though one does occasionally see the similarity.

What I am most interested is how they do things: –

“Exterminate – Exterminate”

Now that we have reached a point where we see the end to lockdown its time for all of us to look at how we run our business.

Not only is it time to start to think about new opportunities, a change in market, the opportunities, and the difficulties ahead a great starting point is to get rid of the unwanted habits, systems and processes that have developed or seen us through the COVID period.

Here is an exercise that can start the process of the “future of your business”

List just 2 goals – any 2 goals you have.

They may be personal or business.

Could be a massive thing, like a client I spoke to this morning who is buying a bigger house as their kids will become teenagers, or it could be to buy a new piece of equipment or a new vehicle.

It could be getting that marketing plan underway (that’s you Ken) or do more training in technology. It could be to take on more staff (that’s me) and prepare your business to grow.

So, settling on two things that are goals, what are the habits, barriers and changes that no longer are good for your business and hold you back.

You just can’t “park on the side of the road” the parts “and culture” that you shouldn’t have – what you need to do, must do – is get rid of them.

You need to eliminate or in the way of the Daleks exterminate – exterminate habits and processes that hold you back. They need to be behind you and not something you just put up with.

If you have just started this exercise, grab a pen, write it all down and if you want a session with Gavin the CEO call your client manager and make a time.

Get rid of baggage going forward.

exterminate – exterminate

exterminate – exterminate

exterminate – exterminate

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