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JobKeeper Update


Please discuss any changes in your business status with our client coordinators.
Especially clients who are in Victoria and may have a change in turnover after the time taken for debtors to pay down their debts to them has passed. Amendments to the JobKeeper 1.0 Rules were released on Friday 14 August.

The significant change is the admission into the JobKeeper scheme of employees who were on the books as of 1 July 2020, from JobKeeper fortnight 10 (3 August – 16 August). Additionally, there are other tweaks to the 1.0 Rules which, at first glance, appear to be in line with changes Tax & Super Australia and other member advocates have been agitating for. Working through all this is the Job of the Your Business Angels accountants and coordinators to make sure that nothing is missed.

In recognition of the short time available to employers to meet the wage condition for newly eligible employees, particularly about JobKeeper fortnight 10, the ATO has given employers until 31 August 2020 to meet the wage condition for JobKeeper fortnights 10 (3 August – 16 August) and 11 (17 August – 30 August).

We know that you will direct your questions to your client coordinator, but here are the most common questions and answers.

I have applied for the business grant, why have I not received it?
The government did not give a time frame for processing the grant. The client can log into the account to check the status.

I did not qualify for JobKeeper in the first round due to non-lodgement before March 2020, does this eligibility change in 2nd round of JobKeeper?
No changes on this requirement.

I employed one casual on 1 July 2019. Will the casual be eligible for JKP 2.0?
Yes, if the casual employee was employed on a regular and systematic basis

My employee worked 10 hours per week in February. And he took 15 hours per week as LSL and AL. Is he eligible for the higher tier of payment?

Legislation instrument has not been issued yet. At the moment we believe it is more likely that taking paid AL and LSL ( can be considered as worked.

If I have an employee start from 1/7/20, can I apply for JobKeeper from now on?
Yes, you can apply from fortnights started from 03/8/20, provided you meet the other criteria.

When do we start applying for the 2nd round?
The first JobKeeper fortnight starts from 28/09/20.

Do we have an employee nomination form for 2nd job keeper?
The employee nomination form remains the same if your employees have already completed it during 1st round, so no need to complete it again.

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