Your Business Angels - Jet aircraft take about 400 out staff hours to park and initially maintain

Jet aircraft take about 400 out staff hours to park and initially maintain


CEO of Your Business Angels
Message – keep going – it’s what you always did.

In the last couple of weeks when major airlines parked their planes, it wasn’t a case of the pilot putting the hand break on and coming down the walkway and hanging the keys in the office.

There is a bit more to it than that.

Jet aircraft take about 400 out staff hours to park and initially maintain, while turboprop aircraft take about 100 hours to park and initially maintain.

After that turboprops take about 20 hours of labour each per week to maintain while in storage.

Around the world more than 6000 planes late last week were grounded due to the coronavirus crisis, and that number would have leaped since then.

The investment in time and money to not fly is considerable.

The money required to start the planes again is considerably more and more complex.

I’m not talking about the technical stuff and checks that must take place in a modern jet airliner to make a plane ready, but the cost to start up marketing to tell the world you are flying again, getting staff back (and over time some decide they will stay home, they found other jobs – reinvented themselves) training others, carrying the cost of flying at a lost while the market comes back is a rich exercise.

I really feel for my clients who have been forced to close. “The coffee boys” were locked out early, a couple of great pubs, a great florist in Sydney – all those wedding cancelled, they face a wait as well as the cost of starting their “business engines” again – who knows when.

But the vast majority of our clients are operating.
Ant this is my message – keep going.
The cost of restarting is more than you think if you want to “stop for a while”.
Be always on the hunt for new work and contracts, keep your eye on that.

Your business defines you, maintain your business, find new drive and energy, you will need a passion as you see new ways to invigorate, reinvent or simply keep going. Easier said than done – so look at for more initiates from Your Business Angels.

The Government package is only a life line so people can eat.
It’s not a business rescue package, and while we will be looking to obtain any gain for all of our clients through anything offered by the Federal and State Governments – none of that is as valuable as the business that you run, running.

Many Blessings to tradies and others who have been or traditional clients. There are contracts and work for businesses and it’s important we all keep going.

Many airlines won’t start again.
I am in New Zealand with family, I will eventually come home to Melbourne and I am very grateful that Air New Zealand is flying across the ditch.
That’s because it was part of the deal with the New Zealand Government, you can’t imagine how grateful I am. Meanwhile I live in a tight stage 4 bubble – but have been setup so I work with my team and my clients.

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