Your Business Angels - How to restart a business

How to restart a business


Go to the door, put the key in the door, turn the lock, turn the door knob, push the door, step inside the door, close the door, walk in and start.

It’s that simple (pardon the metaphor, not every business is a shop front or an office).

It’s something you desire and want to do, and if you are determined then the odds aren’t stacked against you.

That’s it, right now they are not stacked against you.

It’s the same – to keep a business going. OK turnover is going to be down probably a lot now, the future is unknown but we know that we will all get through this so that is enough. There are people who want what you are selling or offering, there are people who love your business and yes will come back or stay with you and there are new markets if you are invigorated and want to chase those markets –

Yes walk in, or stay in and start.

Landlords must now deal with you and can’t kick you out – how do you deal with them to get the best?
Finance companies will give you a finance holiday (or maybe you just take it) – how can this happen?
Staff – need to stand own, let go (ok say sack) reduce hours. Call back – how do you do all this?
How to manage creditors and suppliers?
How to make sure you are paid in these times?
How to get full value from the stimulus package?
And more………….

Your Business Angels will in a couple of days will release “The Your Business Angels towards Safe Harbour” platform where all this information of what and how will help you survive, and stabilise and gain through these unknown times for a subscription fee of $65.00 plus GST per months.
We also have developed within the program hibernation accounting services starting at $15 per week that includes the accounting and BAS.
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