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How much work can you get your clients to do for you


Let’s start with how much unpaid work have you been doing for businesses, especially multi-nationals. So you filled up your car with petrol, checked out your own groceries and make the payment unassisted, bought the airline ticket, checked yourself on to the plane along with your baggage (can I fly for you?) to doing the cash-out thing at the supermarket that really completed some of their banking and saved them a lot on lower levels of security.

And you have been doing your government work and their agents work as well, you buy your own train tickets, place the rubbish bins the right way to save money on contractors and the big one, many complete their own tax return with MyGov (watch out they won’t take responsibility as the tax agent) and so you spend a lot of your day working for others.

This can happen in your business and other businesses Working out what is acceptable can save you time and energy and you give better service even if your client is doing the work.

How much work can you get your clients to do for you

Its acceptable in cafes and some restaurants that you order at the counter and take the number to the table. The food is delivered to the table and the number taken away. The order is taken more quickly as you go to the counter, where the food should be delivered is easily identified, and we all seem to accept this as part of a routine.

Have a close look at your business. How much can you get your clients to do the work for you. What can you pas-off as routine, where you are moving to have the client complete work for you.

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