In 1995 I had a major financial disaster. The way people kept away from me after that it felt like I had leprosy. But a few came around to give me a hand and one was a book that had motivational quotes in it. The one from Mary Pickford stuck out.  

Mary Pickford was also a famous “silver screen start” who said that your voice didn’t matter in the silent movies, just showing up and looking great was important. She is also the challenger for being the first to say, “the secret to life is just turning up”.

Making many small and large mistakes is just part of the business process. I have learnt after such a disaster, that you really should plan for small mistakes, discover them by being well tuned to your business “failing little and often” so that the repairs make you and your business stronger.

Understanding that in business you are there to fix mistakes, repair the damage and get on with it and do the best you can is all part of the process.