Your Business Angels - Don’t phone the ATO without a plan

Don’t phone the ATO without a plan


Don’t wake up the sleeping dragon who is ready to swallow you – if you are unprepared.

When you call the ATO, you need to make sure you have all your information regarding your business ready on hand.

Prepare the questions they are going to ask you, for example about late lodgement or debt and have them the answers ready, even if you don’t have the answer to their question.

Finalise dealing with ATO regarding tax debt needs precis information.

  1. You might need to think about business viability information to do the payment plan.
  2. The person you are talking with, he or she might have a goal to achieve his or her KPI, so he or she will try and push you to enter into payment plan. Sometimes they are so appealing, but do not get carried away as it could be a trap.

Dealing with the ATO might sound scary, but our experience shows that in order to deal with them, you just need to understand their system first.

You need to follow their system to achieve a positive result for yourself. There might be several reasons why ATO wanted to talk to you. Such as tax debt, outstanding lodgements, etc. There is also different types of payment plans we can do with ATO, but it also depends on the client’s situation.

For the outstanding lodgements, we can help clients to buy more time.

We can benefit you by helping you to improve the businesses’ ability to pay, raise funds and make savings within the business.

For all the above scenarios, it benefits to have someone who has been where you are or has been.

Either it is payment plan or outstanding lodgements, or any other issues give us a call to YOUR BUSINESS ANGELS ON 1300 982 559 and you will be safe hands.

You don’t need a plan to call us. We can plan with you or for you.

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