Your Business Angels - Don’t just grind on in your business – please.

Don’t just grind on in your business – please.


Recreation and re-creation seem to be the same word.

Recreation, such as swimming and fishing, are activities for enjoyment when not working. Re-creation is to form anew. Having a break and suddenly thinking of something grand for your business is the process of re-creation.

It’s Christmas time and a time to slow down or stop after a hectic time for many businesses. For some, it’s the peak season, and work pushes on.

Whatever the case, making sure that you grab now or during the year some significant breaks mean that not only are you looking after your health, but you are re-creating, re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-planning how your business can be better, and this all comes because your mind has slowed down. You have allowed your brain to help you rather than push it all day.

Stop, really stop, relax and clarity may give you fantastic opportunities.

I want to offer you another opportunity to review your business after the break.

When businesses first approach Your Business Angels, we never sign clients up straight away. We ask for last financial, we ask for current accounts and information. We go the “whole nine yards” finding out about your business, talking about your goals, opportunities, and the problems you must solve now – maybe a pressing tax debt or refinance.

Then we give you ideas for the business and what could be your next step.

We might talk about a better accounting system, where to get finance, and how to manage tax debt.

How can we at Your Business Angels help you be great accountants or advisors without a whole business medical? This was the moment of recreation and finding a new passion for their business for many of our clients.

We know the Whitsundays holds a diverse range of businesses and enterprises. There are traditional farming, retail, and pubs. There is hospitality, and we see a lot of construction and infrastructure work that would have contractors and subbies all needing compliance help and a plan to manage how much tax they might pay.

Your Business Angels may be new in having a business in The Whitsundays, but we have been around for coming on 30 years. We work with all types of businesses, and something to think about over the break is coming back and having us review your business.

And, that doesn’t cost anything.

Phone 1300 982559 or

PS – Go on, contact us, its just a phone call.

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