Your Business Angels - Borrowing money may not solve your problem.

Borrowing money may not solve your problem.


Most businesses we work with find a way to solve problems than just borrowing money.

Think about it – if you borrow money and haven’t considered the options, you may continue to do what caused the problem in the first place and have a new debt.

If you think “debt consolidation” will somehow solve your problems, the sad truth is that most business people consolidate with a higher-interest loan these days, which is pointless.

The best thing to do is have your business make more money.

Before we recommend any of our clients at Your Business Angels to borrow money, we look to see if their business can make more money, which solves the problems.

Your Business Angels people achieve better profits – and that starts with your control over your business and the information you have.

Everyone understands simple things – increase your prices – in this climate, and we can help you implement a strategy for that.

Your Business Angels accounting services help you.

Improve cash flow management: Get the timing right between cash in and out and hold on to and manage money better. See the effect of your business by increasing prices, reducing costs, and becoming more efficient.

Sell those things you don’t need. Businesses need to be running lean and mean, and you don’t need to be burdened with things you don’t need.

Indeed, you would prefer to dig your way out and find solutions that work when you need cash instead of burdening yourself with debt.

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