Hyperinflation and marketing

By superadmin - 19 November 2018

There is an article in the latest “Wired” magazine that used the experience of hyperinflation in Germany (and now Venezuela) to make a comparison to digital inflation. In hyperinflation, prices surge and money loses its value – with digitalisation we also lose our value as we may dilute it with the number of “friends” or …

How radio Works

By superadmin - 19 November 2018

While that post-pimply young person who doesn’t wear socks is telling you about the great benefits of digital marketing and Google ad words, I thought I would tell you about how radio works. In a previous post I talked about “analogue marketing” and the evaluation I made of many months for Junk mail – I …

What if you have your identity taken away from you?

By superadmin - 19 November 2018

It’s “as random as hell” but the ATO can take your business identity away from you so you can’t work as an enterprise for a living. They do this when you or an organisation you have appear on their radar. You may be in a position where this is the only way you are able …

Is your car for your business?

By superadmin - 19 November 2018

“We want to help small businesses – if you’ve purchased a car for your business, you may receive a letter from us soon to help you work out whether you’re providing car fringe benefits” If you buy a car with an ABN then there is a chance that you may be called by the taxman …

Can you spot the difference?

By superadmin - 19 November 2018

Can you spot the difference between these 2 second-hand workmate Utes? They are both the same age, I can tell you they have similar KM usage and look like they are in great condition to last a tradie a few years of hard work. Similar prices as well. Except – this is the big difference, …

What is Business Insolvency?

By Gavin Waring - 08 October 2018

Business Insolvency is when the business cannot pay its debts. The market forces and the skills of the owner cannot create a change, or that the owner has no other resources (or has no desire to find other resources) to put into the business to change the circumstances. The business cannot make money, or cannot …

Survival In Business Predicting the economic future and making sure your economic future has a chance

By Gavin Waring - 08 October 2018

There is always editorials in papers, commentators in the media and occasionally an intelligent conversation over social media as to where we are going economically (big picture stuff) that usually comes down to, who is paying the taxes and who is getting the taxes. (I love starting these arguments). I read last week that a …

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