Your Business Angels - Bad Marketing, yes it’s out there……..

Bad Marketing, yes it’s out there……..


Over the past few weeks its really come to my attention the number of near misses I’ve had or seen while driving with many cars, vans, utes and trucks.

A large amount of these vehicles have brandings and company names plastered all over them.

I was behind a car traveling up the freeway that was swaying all over the place and couldn’t keep a constant speed. When I decided to overtake, I noticed he had his phone in his hand and was using it.

Bad Marketing, yes it’s out there……..

Very popular brand all over it.

Another case where a car was behind me and our lane ended so he jumped out from behind me and accelerated very quick, taking the gap and blocking me off so I was unable to merge. I continued to follow this car and watched that he did it at every set of lights.

The last thing any business needs is a bad review based on a vehicle that had its branding.

We all have dash cams and love social media, its funny how I see so many name and shames posted on Facebook now.

I say to myself, I’ll never use them or get anything from them all because of a silly error or being stupid on the roads. How many other people are thinking and doing the same?

We all need to get to the next job and we all want to get home but please be safe and think about the brand that your displaying.

Stop and have a think about any company cars you may have on the road with your business name plastered all over it, is this really the best advertising for you. Is the employee driving that vehicle helping your brand or damaging it?

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