Your Business Angels - Aldi V Coles – A study in my “human behaviour” – And its not service that counts.

Aldi V Coles – A study in my “human behaviour” – And its not service that counts.


When someone wants to hand me a pile of data explaining why a person or group of people do something, my usual reaction is “Humans do one of two things, they either do what they did last time, or they do what everyone else is doing”.

I’ve got that well simplified. But its not always true.

I have started shopping at Aldi and the reasons I started had a lot to do with traffic flow. The reasons I like shopping at Aldi are the reasons I thought I wouldn’t like to shop there. Plus, there is a piece of theatre going on as well that I like.

Aldi V Coles - A study in my “human behaviour” - And its not service that counts.

So here are the reasons
1) To go to my usual supermarket, I need to negotiate around bad drivers (well they are in my way) and then journey on to home along a road that is getting more and more traffic. If I go a new way home, I follow a road that has clearways and the traffic moves along quite well. So, I pass Aldi, and because it seems that most people going there are only going there and not other shops there is a high turnover in the car park, and I can park. When I continue home, I am going against the traffic and its quick.

2) I did it once, found what I wanted, but I though there isn’t much here to choose from. But then I found what I wanted anyway. So, driving home type pickup’s it works that there isn’t that much to decide on, and I just quickly buy and go home.

3) But what I really like is “whats in the middle” its to me a form of entertainment to see what they have and its those OMG moments – camping gear next to pickled artichokes ands watching people sift through it – lots are coming for entertainment.

It’s not that I traded my other supermarkets that I go to, they are more weekends and I do like the butcher, Chinese food shop and clothes repairer they are near.

Getting to find out why your clients use your business is I have found easy. I ask them, I ask if they are happy with the meeting, have they learnt something. I guess that’s why surveys are carried out, but if you are in a small business you can ask. That simple.

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