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A Word on Dosh!


We are always in need of finance. There are the obvious ones, such as for a car, or for a home or an investment property. There is need for finance to buy equipment that can make a business more efficient, and there is cash flow finance that is needed to run a business.

Often, as your accountants, we will help you look at finance to solve a problem, but now as our relationship matures in the finance market, let me give you a list of things we can help you with that doesn’t just relate to a tax debt.

House Finance

Look at where you are? Do you have a high interest rate because the only loan you could get at the time was a low-doc sort of loan? Perhaps we can find you something a bit more mainstream and save you on interest. If you have your accounts up-to-date, and a pretty clean ATO portal, then you should call us and see what we can do.

Vehicle and Equipment Finance

Looking at what you are driving and worried costs could start to impact on you? Do you need equipment that could make you more efficient? Our contacts have rates generally considerably better than what is on offer at the car yard. Find the car that you want and let us show you what it will cost. As your accountants, we will tell you if you can really afford it, or what savings it will bring you with a much better rate. We will use our platform to see if we can get a cheaper cost and a much better finance deal.

Superannuation –Your own factory or property investment

We (the stakeholders in YBA / Fresh Numbers) have done this and have no regrets. A lot of our clients don’t realise that they can use their Superin real estate. It’s a bit messy with the way it is set up -but we will be able to guide you through.

Unsecured loans

OK CAREFUL –there are a lot of insanely priced, truly awful, utterly rip off products out there that will with even a small loan destroy your business. But we do have some options in cash flow lending and one loan that is “lower” especially if you have a specific purpose. These loans aren’t for tax debt, and we would never encourage that, but they are great for a specific purpose if you can see a great return at the end and will help you grow.

As accountants and advisors to your business we are by nature careful, and by nature will say “stay away from debt if you can”. However, there are lots of reasons you may need finance, and we will jump in and help you.

Give us a call and let’s chat about what we can do.

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