Your Business Angels - A warning about ambulance chasing

A warning about ambulance chasing


When the Australian Taxation Office sends you anything court related, the action will appear on a court list.

For many companies these are their marketing lists and start to email, phone call and chase the directors or individuals that have received the wind-up notice court summons or whatever.

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There is a standard formula that is used. They encourage the business to immediately go into administration and use personal assets to borrow a lot of money at high interest.

At Your Business Angels – yes we do use administration, and yes we do advise clients to borrow money, but only after we have looked for the best solution. We ensure that clients understand the strategy and that it follows what is best and what the client wants.

We don’t ambulance chase.

We do work quickly to find a solution, while being aware of the time frames. We seek more time (like through adjournments) and work in a professional way that won’t burden our clients with debts they can never afford.

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If you want a solution that isn’t formulated, and does allow for your needs within the circumstances, call Your Business Angels and talk about the problems we will solve.

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