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Supporting YOUR Children’s Education


Australian Scholarship Group

It is every parents dream, no matter big or small, to be able to give their child the best chance at life, and the best education.

But kids are EXPENSIVE! They eat food like it’s going out of fashion, they include themselves in every extra curricular activity possible (as if their fear of missing out is too much for them), they grow and they grow fast. As a parent, you’re always buying them the latest toy, the latest gadget, the latest fashion item, but who pays their school fees? You. So what happens if you want to give your child not only the latest gadgets, but the best and most rewarding education as you can, which teaches them to grow and be the newest and most pivotal member of the community? You do it, no matter what.

However, sometimes this just isn’t realistic, not everyone has the money they need for this.

BUT, what if someone told you there was a way?

That it is possible to send your child to that school you’ve always dreamed of sending them to…?That it is possible to give your little human the best gadget, toy, clothing AND the best education as you can…?

Supporting YOUR Children’s Education

The Australian Scholarship Group aims to support our upcoming generations future education by planning ahead, rather than panicking when the time comes. ASG sets up funds for families where by contributions are regularly made directly into the funds by the fund manager. The fund manager works in a way that enables the fund a sustainable and healthy growth economically.

But before choosing ASG, let’s have a closer look at the fine print.

  • Do ASG’s education funds qualify as scholarships plans under Australian Taxation Law. Yes! Does this mean they can achieve favorable tax treatment for educational purposes? Yes!
  • Can you claim a scholarship plan on tax? Yes! Any course expenses charged by the following can be claimed:

      – University (Australia or Overseas)
      – TAFE College-Registered Training Organisations-       Professional Bodies-Secondary School
      – Primary School
      – Pre School

  • Along with all of these, could you still claim higher education courses receiving HECS or HELP support from the Australian Government? Yes!
  • Lastly, is there anything else that can be claimed? Of Course! Text books, computers, travel expenses excursions, living away from home and all necessities (calculators, stationery etc)

Once you’ve accessed all of your claims and benefits, fund members also enjoy ongoing support from a range of tools that have been specifically designed to aid the child’s academic, social and emotional development. Even if you don’t need it, parenting information and advice, career planning tools and family planning advice is accessible.

Through ASG, you will gain access to the ‘cost of education calculator’. The calculator aids with costing of education nationally, or more specifically personalized to the state you are living in. The calculator processes all stages of education, beginning from primary, moving all the way through to secondary and university. By selecting the number of children to be calculated, the calculator will then provide a savings guide tailored to that individuals needs.

So now what? It’s time to choose your super fund! Some things to consider before choosing are:

  • What kind of education are you saving for?
  • How disciplined are you with saving?
  • What is your current overall financial situation?

Once you know the answer, you can choose to open one of the following funds:

  • Pathway Education Fund
  • Life Long Education Fund
  • Tertiary Saver Fund
  • Private Saver Fund
  • Extra Saver Fund

We all plan to save for retirement, accidents, houses, holidays. Education shouldn’t be excluded. With the key features of a $0 application fee, interest free funds, your freedom of choice in choosing your payment and controlling your own savings, there really is no way ASG could go wrong. ASG is a fantastic way to set up a prosperous and strong educational future for your children.

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