Your Business Angels - Safe Harbour Program Preparing for survival with Your Business Angels

Safe Harbour Program Preparing for survival with Your Business Angels


Preparing for survival – with Your Business Angels – Safe Harbour Program

What is this “survival” for your business mean?

Strategy for survival is to know that you must outlast the economic downturn, 

That’s it – outlast the economic downturn and recession.

Survive and return to taxes, repayment of debt and the making of profit as your staff grows again.

The Towards Safe Harbour program is operated from a closed Facebook group, where a working strategy and tactics are available for your business survival. You have access to a great team of strategists including Gavin Waring CEO of Your Business Angels who has spent the last 25 years helping floundering businesses to survive and thrive.

“We built our businesses for a time and period like this” – Gavin Waring CEO

There are corporate lawyers, employment specialists, creative marketers, and senior accountants all available.

While the group is an open forum you can ask confidential questions. The strategies can be downloaded and follow a sequence regarding survival and control of the business.

The cost for survival $65.00 plus GST per month

12-month subscription

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The lockdown that has occurred that is causing economic calamity and financial disasters for businesses is only part of the story of the effect of the virus on businesses. The full effect will soon move through the economy.

The nature of the strategy of the Australia government which is to flatten transmission of covid-19 means that we will be closed off from the world for a considerable amount of time. Our airlines are essentially closed, our tourist industry as complying to nearly nothing, arts and entertainment including sports are currently all closed and retail and food services as had a massive hit.

Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system. Our respiratory system is like the outside of the body, I read creating a vaccine is like creating a vaccine for the skin – not easy and we have never created a vaccine for a Corona Virus before. 

It could be some time.

Further one must also consider that immigration is currently halted, immigration being one of the driving forces for domestic housing. While contractors are finishing building projects and housing projects, we will be waiting for the government to further stimulate building in other areas of the economy specially to manage the support of employment.

You can assume that investment will come from some unusual places in the future. 

The Prime Minister has already hinted that the extremely wealthy superannuation funds probably need to get involved in Australia’s recovery, this would make sense because this cash was built up by workers and businesspeople placing their money in the superannuation funds. We can assume that our state and federal governments will be getting behind projects that will keep our economy going.

As a very basic level, it appears Australia has a very strong supply chain on essentials, can manufacture essentials and as we are exporting 70% of our foodstuffs, we certainly can feed ourselves.

But there’s an awful lot of unmeasured optimism when many talk about a return to some form of continued prosperity quickly. 

The Australian economy was already struggling when the virus hit. In many ways our country is going to need to hit the reset button. Now as an economy and a nation that is happening now.

This of course create your first problem. 

Which is how long you must survive to outlast the economic downturn

We don’t know what the bottom looks like. 

Does that mean 11%, 15% or even their 20% unemployment. 

Does that mean that half the coffee shops that are closed won’t reopen because they were marginal businesses anyway and the owners would have spent their $10,000 grants? And that’s just one example of businesses that has been large employers of staff.

How quickly will people want to stand in a crowd at the footy?

Banks and some finance companies have come to support very quickly, but how long will it take to drag superannuation funds kicking and screaming into supporting the economy and using up their cash reserves on investing in businesses and not just high value assets.

We certainly have heard optimistic people talk about back to normal, there is no back in anything.

There is no back in any words or terms we use. 

There is no going back in six months, Prime Minister talks about Snap-Back (well he must also seel hope) we will cover another option on this as we move through the program there is no back to normal there is no back. 

Once you understand this then you have an ability to think clearly and logically and rationally, except what fate is dished up start to plan and move forward.

In these strategy programs that are written by Your Business Angels we will work on a 3 to 4-year program which is much longer than the modern business plan. Reason and its logic are that we are wishing for the best planning for the worst.

In Preparing to survive, we will be looking at not only financial changes that you need to make, but cultural changes. Without a change in culture, and attitude it will get hard going. 

The platform as well providing clear strategic direction and the tactics is a  place for conversation with other business owners and we provide articles we generally generate ourselves that examine business culture in the new economy, look for what others are doing to reinvent their business and share opportunity.

We bring 25 years of businesses survival experience to the group, you bring your desire to survive and flourish.

Those who start to work on our strategy program may also be for the first time be completing their first examination and business plan and will gain skills and abilities that will always be used. 

This is a self-help program, the more you help yourself the more you gain.

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